We have various sized boxes and all of them have a different purpose.

Assembling a box

Make sure the box is upside down. Fold the opposing flaps down together. Tape the box with at least 3 strips across the seam and then go around the base for added stability.  Ensure you use enough tape up the side of each box to ensure the tape sticks to the cardboard.

Turn the box over and you are ready to start. Once you have packed the box, complete the same process of taping the flaps and rim of the box.

Note: Do not interweave the box flaps, as this will weaken them.

Thinking Inside The Box

It’s important to consider what goes into each box. Please take note of the weight limits written on the side of each box. If they are too heavy, they can become weak and difficult to carry.

Medium Box:

Dimensions: Width: 457mm (18”), Depth: 457mm (18”), Height: 254mm (10”)
Use this box for: China/glassware, paperwork, books, CDs/DVDs, tinned foods and heavy items.

Large Box:

Dimensions: Width: 457mm (18”), Depth: 457mm (18”), Height: 508 mm (18”)
Use this box for: Pictures, cushions, lamps & lampshades, toys & games, shoes and light bulky items.

Thinking Outside The Box

Once the box is packed it is important to make sure it is clearly labelled with
a brief description of what is in the box as well as the room that the box needs
to go to at the new property. e.g. Plates, Kitchen.

IMPORTANT:  Note on the box ‘FRAGILE’ if there are fragile items within the
box as this may affect where the box is stacked whilst in transit and storage.

Disassembly of the Boxes

Where possible the boxes can be recycled and used again.  When collapsing
the boxes please cut the tape and flat pack the box.  This makes them easier
to store and more manageable to carry.

IMPORTANT:  Please do not peel the tape off as quite often the cardboard
comes away with the tape, weakening the boxes and making them unusable.